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DNR Notification:
For your information we have received the following notice from the DNR-
We have a CWD positive test on an adult doe that was harvested in Buffalo Township in Marquette County on November 24, 2018. The hunter and the landowner have been notified.

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SMALL BAGS OF GARBAGE ARE $3 AND LARGE BAGS ARE NOW $4. Recyclables are still free.

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  • Town Board The Township of Buffalo will hold its Regular Town Board meeting on Monday September 9th, 2019 @ 7:00 p.m

Land Use Planning Committee meets every first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. when needed

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Voting Related Documents:

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2019-03-26 Notice of Public Test 85.2k

2019-04-02 BALLOT TOWNBOARD 169.9k

2019-04-02 Type E Election Notice 113.4k


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Subdivision/Land Division Ordinance Effective March 16, 2005. The ordinance establishes requirements for any division of land in the Town of Buffalo. Information and applications for land divisions and subdivisions are available from our Town Clerk, or on our web site.

Building Permits Building permits are to be obtained prior to the start of construction. Building Permits and Uniform Dwelling Code Permits can be obtained at the Marquette County Zoning Department during their regular hours. Your building project will then be inspected at severl stages to comply with State requirements. This includes porches, decks, sheds and others.

Recycling Center Support- When you are at the recycle center, be observant and help with the following :
Assure that only paper products get into the paper bin, Metal products, small appliances, scrap parts should go in the heavy trash pickup corner. Aluminum cans should be separated out and put into the designated container. Buffalo Township also recycles batteries, of all types, florescent tubes, compact bulbs, and smoke detectors. All of these contain hazardous components. Please leave these items with the attendant.

Burn Barrels According to the DNR we may burn only the materials that are allowed to be open burned–namely, leaves, plant clippings, paper, cardboard and clean, untreated wood. Burn barrels operate at low temperatures (400- 500 degrees F), resulting in incomplete combustion of the wastes being burned. Burning prohibited materials– such as plastics, asphalt, rubber and other man-made materials—generates hazardous air pollutants)Instead of burning consider: Recycling newspaper, office paper, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, magazines, aluminum, metal and acceptable plastics. (Free at the recycle center.) Composting leaves & plant clippings. Chipping brush and clean wood to make mulch or decorative chips, or use it as heating fuel in wood stoves or boilers. www.wdnr.gov/

Fire Number Safety-2