Ordinances and Resolutions

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NOTE: This is not a comprehensive list of Town Ordinances and Town Board
Resolutions. Official copies of ordinances and resolutions are available from
the Town Clerk. Contact the Town Clerk for information on Town ordinances and
Board resolutions.

Resolution to Create Code of Ordinances

Chapter 2 – Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 3 – Fee Schedule <[Note: For current information, contact the Marquette County Zoning Administrator here]

Chapter 4- Mobile Homes And Manufactured Homes Ordinance

Chapter 5 – EmergencyService Protection Charges Ordinance

Chapter 6 –Confidentiality of Income and Expense Records

Chapter 7 -Alternate Members for Board of Review

Chapter 8 – Citation Ordinance

Chapter 9 – Health & Sanitation

Chapter 10 -Subdivision/Land Division Ordinance

Chapter 11 – Telecommunications Ordinance

Chapter 12 – Building Permit Ordinance

Chapter 13 – Fence Viewers Ordinance

Chapter 14 – Room Tax

Chapter 15 – Licensing Livestock Facilities

Chapter 16 – Zoning

Chapter 17 – Motorboat Regulation for Ennis (Fountain) Lake

Chapter 18 – Town Roads

Land Use Ordinance, 2003 (pdf 10Kb)

Cemetery Ordinance, 2022 (pdf 10Kb)


2016-02-08 Resolution of Disapproval (pdf 110Kb)
2016-02-08 Resolution for Public Participation (pdf 130Kb)
2016-02-08 Resolution of Election Workers (pdf 130Kb)

Resolution: Appointing Land Use Committee Members (pdf 11Kb)
Resolution: Appointing Board of Appeals Members (pdf 76.2Kb)

FY2002 Land Use Grant Application (pdf 25Kb)

Per Diem, Land Use Committee (pdf 11Kb)


The Updated Wisconsin Statutes & Annotations

Access archived resolutions and ordinances here.