Land Use Planning

In 2001, the Town of Buffalo Board decided to initiate the comprehensive planning process. This decision was made to provide for orderly development, protect farmland, preserve open space and ensure that the town will continue to have a say in land uses decisions after 2010, as is stipulated in the Wisconsin Smart Growth Law.

Development of this plan sends a clear message that the Town of Buffalo wishes to act proactively to set its own ground rules for the types of development that will benefit the town, maintain a rural atmosphere and still provide flexibility for landowners.

The Town Plan Commission is responsible for advising the Town Board on matters of land use, and reviewing and updating the Comprehensive Plan as necessary. The Plan Commission is appointed by the Town Board.

More Information

Resolution: Appointing Land Use Committee Members

Plan Commission Membership

Wisconsin’s New Comprehensive Planning and Smart Growth Law (Summary) (pdf 26Kb, Courtesy of UWEX Local Government Center)

Comprehensive Planning & Smart Growth Law FAQs (pdf 48Kb, Courtesy of UWEX Local Government Center)

Code of Ordinances Chapter 2 – Comprehensive Plan

Chapter 1 -Introduction

Chapter 2 -Issues And Opportunities

Chapter 3-Community Profile

Chapter 4 – Housing Element

Chapter 5 – Transportation

Chapter 6 – Utilities And Community Facilities

Chapter 7 – Agricultural

Chapter 8 – Economic Development

Chapter 9 – Existing Land Use

Chapter 10 – Future Land Use

Chapter 11 – Intergovernmental Cooperation

Chapter 12 – Implementation

Appendix A – Public Participation Plan

Appendix B – Record of Public Involvement

Appendix C – PASER Results

Appendix D – Cellular Towers

Appendix E – Common Planning Acronyms

Appendix F – Local Planning Goals