Burning Permits

Required from January 1 through May 31 each year when the ground is not snow covered. Burning is permitted only during the hours of 6pm to Midnight. Burning permits are required for burning barrels. Barrels should have lids. Permits are free of charge and can be obtained from your local fire wardens.

  1. You need a burning permit for all outdoor burining of leaves, brush or grass when the ground is not completely snow-covered during the months of January through May.
  2. You need a burning permit to burn clean paper, wood or cardboard in a barrel or outdoor incinerator when the ground is not completey snow-covered during the months of January through May.
  3. No burning is allowed until after 6:00 pm when the wind dies down and the humidity rises making your fire much less likely to escape your control.
  4. Burning permits are not required for warming fires or cooking fires.
  5. No burning of asphalt, rubber, plastic or oily substances is allowed.
  6. Burning permits are FREE.
  7. Burning permits and burning permit information can be obtained from the Montello Ranger Station or your local Emergency Fire Warden.
  8. You may be fined for burning without a burning permit or for burning contrary to burining restrictions.
  9. If your fire escapes control, you can be held liable for fire suppression costs plus any damages caused by the fire.
  10. Your fire must be attended at all times and must be totally extinguished before you leave.

Emergency Fire Wardens

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