Notification List for Comprehensive Plan Updates or Amendments


The Town of Buffalo maintains a Comprehensive Plan under Section 66.1001 of Wisconsin Statutes, which it may wish to update or amend from time to time. Under State law, the Town must maintain a list of persons who submit a written or electronic request to receive notice of any proposed change to a comprehensive plan that affects the allowable use of the property owned by the person.

This notice is to persons wishing to add their names to this list. If added to such list, the Town is required to provide written notice, including a copy or summary of the proposed comprehensive plan change, to all such persons whose property, the allowable use of which, may be affected by the proposed change.

If you wish to be added to such list, please notify the Town Clerk indicating your preferred means of notice. Contact information can be found on the Town Board/Contact Page. The Town may charge each person on the list who receives a notice by 1st class mail a fee that does not exceed the approximate cost of providing the notice to the person.

Dated this 24th day of May, 2016.
Town of Buffalo-Clerk
Laurie Beahm